Sky Power Turbine Industries, Inc. Offers services and complete solutions for all of your steam and gas turbine components, both stationary and rotating.


Our services and solutions cover all kinds of turbine component repairs, including replacement parts. Our company is comprised of a group of professionals that are qualified and are completely knowledgeable of the products and the services; both on site and in house, and are capable of performing any and all repairs.


Sky Power is an excellent, dependable choice for support with your turbine steam path repair projects, including:


• Rotors repairs, blade installation, rotor body seals installation and machining

• Nozzles, blade repairs, snout ring, seals replacement

• Diaphragms, blade repairs, horizontal joints repairs, seals replacement

• Oil deflectors, repair and seals replacement




Sky Power relies on dedicated teams of craftsmen/ technicians trained and equipped to work around the clock on-site in your facilities and/or in our shop in Ennis. (Dallas), Texas utilizing our full range of:

• Welding & finishing equipment

• Mobile machine shop

• Portable lathes, to mount large rotors

• Portable vertical turret lathe

• CNC & standard machine tools (In our shop)

We also provide emergency service with quick response times for any unexpected outages. No job is too large or too small.




   Other Locations: Mexico City, Mexico

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    Since 1999 Sky Power Turbine integrated service
    provides comprehensive and flexible solutions to
    achieve your business success.

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