Repairs & Services at our Facility & on Site:


Our repair division, Sky Power Turbine Ind, Inc. has the capability to perform and complete any in-house or on-site. When turbine components cannot be transported or customers want to keep repairs at their site. We can perform turbine components repairs such as, DIAPHRAGMS BLADE REPAIRS, ROTORS BLADE INSTALLATIONS, OIL DEFLECTORS RESEALING AND REPAIRS, TURNING GEARS, PUMPS, CONTROL VALVE, STOP VALVE REPAIRS, TURBINE CASINGS WELD REPAIRS, AND ON-SITE MACHINNING AND MUCH MORE. Our experienced team works carefully to ensure quality work is performed on schedule.


Sky Power Turbine (SPTI), has the ability to service your company with rotating and stationary equipment repairs for:


• Bucket / blade removal

• Diaphragms & blade rings blade repairs

• Machinning of bearing journal

• Thrust collar repair and machinning

• Rotating blade, and cover stock manufacture

• Dynamic low speed balance in-house or on-site

• Steam seal manufacture and replacement

• Overspeed trip testing

• Nozzle and diaphragm inspection and repairs

• Casing weld repair

• Valve inspection and overhaul

• Turbine rotor inspection


Repair of Stationary Components of Steam Turbines:

• Oil deflectors

• Turbine casing repairs

• Installation of spill strips and steam packing on site

• Diaphragms & blade rings


Repairs of Rotating Components of Steam Turbines:

• Bucket replacement

• Rotor seal installation and machining

• Journal machining

• Stellite replacement

• Bucket cover replacement and machining

• Dove tail pin removal and installation

• Rotor low speed balance

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